Hi! I'm Stephanie! My husband Chris and I live in a small town in New Jersey in walking distance of everything and we even have a small garden at my in-laws nearby where we grow everything from tomatoes to eggplants. In between growing veggies and drinking coffee, you can find us in upstate New York for the weekend or driving to a nearby city. We had no idea we would both love to travel but between our honeymoon in Montreal nearly five years ago and a summer trip to Florence, Italy this year, we discovered when we travel together, we're able to focus on the important things in life. When we are home, we bring the vacation back with us, recreating meals we enjoyed at restaurants and rediscovering the charm of our own small town. Everyday feels like an adventure to us and I hope you'll follow along and share some adventures of your own!

Contact me at: stephanie.terrone@gmail.com


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