Taking the Vacation Home

As much as I love my day-to-day life and the familiarity of home, it’s always a little bit disappointing when the vacation ends. Coming home from Florence, it was a little bit of a shock to exchange the marble countertops, crown molding, and balcony of our hotel room for the everyday utility of our garden apartment.

But it is our home, and although you’d never mistake it for a luxury apartment, we are committed to enriching our time there for as long as we live there. The great part of that is that sometimes, little touches can help you bring your adventure home with you, whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or a million dollar mansion.

This week I’ll be sharing different and inexpensive ways you can bring the vacation home. Little touches like that can make such a difference in your everyday life and help to make even your familiar routine a little bit brighter. Come back tomorrow to learn about the first thing we bought at the grocery store when we came back from vacation to make our space just a little bit brighter.


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