Flowers in Florence

When we arrived at the Westin Excelsior we were blown away by the lobby, where sunflowers in beautiful arrangements welcomed us to Florence. What we didn’t expect was a beautiful flower arrangement on the table in our room. After further exploration, we found a smaller bowl with river stones and a few small sunflowers in the bathroom. After a week, the hotel replaced the flowers with a fresh arrangement. It was such a small touch, but it meant so much to me.

While we have an Orchid in our apartment, we hardly ever keep fresh flowers in our home. But, when we returned back home and went grocery shopping to fill our fridge, I also decided to buy a bouquet to fill our usually empty and dusty vases.

At our local grocery store, I have been able to get a small arrangement for $10-12 or I pick my own and can arrange it myself. I cut the stems shorter, set aside a few flowers from the bouquet, and arrange the rest in either a vase or a one-quart mason jar. Then, I arrange the few flowers I set aside in a tiny espresso mug and set it on our bathroom countertop. And if I’m careful to replace the water every couple of days, the flowers sometimes last as long as two weeks. It’s nothing major, just something that makes me smile in the morning!

Here are a few pictures of the two arrangements I put together last night tp bring just a little bit of Florence to our apartment!

What small touches have you made to your home recently? Has anyone else been enjoying fresh flowers?


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