Ice cream is pretty good. But gelato is even better. Gelato is churned slower than ice cream which gives it a smoother texture. In Florence, we tried 3 different gelaterias and returned to some of them multiple times. Pistachio, strawberry, espresso, mango. I went for the nutty and caffeinated ones, while Chris went for the fruit filled and sweet ones.

In Florence the gelaterias were open late. Our second night in Florence, just a few minutes before midnight, we were craving something sweet and to our surprise, the gelateria down the street from our hotel was still open. With moments to spare we arrived for our first gelato experience.

Some of our favorites were:

Gelateria La Carraia - Espresso and pistachio Gelateria Lugnarno - Vanilla with orange and biscotti Gelateria Santa Trinita - More espresso and pistachio!!

After that night, we ate gelato multiple times a week, trying different places in the city and walking along the Arno River or back over Ponte Vecchio - the old bridge - enjoying our sweet treat.

Because this is one of the things we enjoyed most about our vacation. We relived our Florence experience by picking up gelato at our local grocery. While we may not be able to pop down to the local gelateria, enjoying this treat in our living room is just another small way we were able to bring the vacation home!


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