A Country Weekend

This weekend Chris and I took a trip to his grandparents’ home at the bottom of the Catskill Mountains in Accord (strangely, it’s pronounced Ack-erd), New York. Accord is home to only 562 people and is one of the smallest towns in the state of New York.

Chris has been visiting his grandparents upstate since he was a little kid, and since we’ve been married, we’ve gone too many times to count. While the drive up can sometimes feel ordinary, this time it was a welcome break from our busy week.

In Accord, there is no Internet. Sometimes, I’m lucky to get cell service at all. But in a way, it’s a forced respite from the everyday routine of constantly being online.

The first few times we visited I didn’t take any pictures, but recently as I’ve been taking walks around the property, I’ve been looking at things in a new light. Each time, I discover things that I didn’t notice before. On Saturday morning, I realized that with the leaves off the trees, I could see the Catskill mountains from a hilltop on their property.

Since Chris and I don’t have any pets, I love having a companion for exploring their property: Grandma and Grandpa’s cat Sweetie!

Chris and I also make time every time we visit to breathe in the fresh country air and to walk around the property, around the barns and the fruit trees, and a glass of Grandpa Tony’s homemade wine in hand. It was the perfect fall day to put on my boots and poncho!

When Chris and I were in Florence back in August, it was easy to appreciate the landscape and art but it’s different when a place is so familiar. But this weekend, photographing the property and the landscape revealed to me things that I never would have noticed before.

And while being in the country is nice for a weekend, I always crave coming home to our small town – which doesn’t seem so small after being in Accord for the weekend.

What new things have you discovered in familiar places?

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