The Perfect Saturday Morning

Though the past few weekends have been filled with a day trip and a weekend away, sometimes there is nothing better than a lazy Saturday at home, early morning breakfast, homemade cappuccino, and fresh squeezed juice.

A few weeks ago I talked about two ways you can bring the vacation home and our slow starting Saturday mornings are a small taste of vacation at the end of a crazy, busy week.

Even though we live in a small apartment we've found ways to make the most of our space and especially on Saturday morning when there is nowhere to be but home. Here's a glimpse into our Saturday morning, and the little rituals that help us to enjoy our time together.

Chris made breakfast and I made cappuccinos!

We got our cappuccino maker for Christmas four years ago and have used it on and off the past few years. But coming back from Italy reinvigorated our love for the cappuccino and I’ve been perfecting my espresso shots and milk foaming skills ever since! We love using the Starbucks espresso roast or Cafe Bustelo.

At our favorite coffee bar in Italy, they also served fresh made juice which we would order every morning alongside our breakfast and cappuccino. We decided a few weeks ago to invest in a juicer and we’re so glad we did. I’m the worst at eating fruit but since we got the juicer - I’ve been drinking homemade fresh juice almost every day! There were two juices we tried in Italy and we’ve recreated the recipes in our own kitchen (more on that later this week!). Here’s a sneak peak at the ingredients:

And my favorite part of the morning, is after breakfast, with a cappuccino in hand, relaxing on the couch, enjoying the fresh juice and time with Chris.

Do you have any Saturday morning rituals? How do you enjoy the perfect weekend?

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