Unexpected Kindness in the City

Usually in the city, if a stranger approaches me, I put on my best “leave me alone” face and just keep walking. As Chris and I were leaving Banana Republic this past Thursday night in New York City, we heard someone shouting behind us, but we weren’t sure what he was saying.

Dress: Anthropologie

Ankle Boots: Coach

As he got closer, he yelled “Maam! You dropped this!” And surely I thought he was trying to scam us or had something to sell. But instead as he got closer, I saw our receipt in his hand. He explained that he saw it fly out of our bag as we were walking and wanted to return it. And sure enough, he placed the receipt in my hand and was gone.

Even though Chris and I are only an hour or so train ride outside of the city we rarely go in. Chris actually works in the city a few times a week and sometimes when you work there it strips the experience of wonder and excitement. Instead it’s just the city. It’s crowded and stressful. It’s unpleasant and at the end of the day Chris just wants to be home.

So when I saw there would be 50% off at Banana Republic in the city along with a party at Rockefeller Center, I was sure Chris wouldn’t go for it. But he did! And this past Thursday we skipped the train and drove into the city, finding parking ahead of time, close to our destination.

I’ve loved Banana Republic for a while - especially since their clothes have lasted me over the years. I have dresses from 6 or 7 years ago still in great condition and not out of style. So when I saw they were having a 50% off sale, Chris and I decided to make it a date night in the city.

I bought a few things, jeans, two sweaters, a cute pair of earrings and I was touched by how the sales people on the floor, worked hard to find jeans to fit my tall frame. They were super busy with the sale and passing out drinks and hors d'oevres but still made time to smile and help me. Even at checkout the woman behind the counter laughed with us, shared some snippets of her life, and threw in a bottle of nail polish for me at the end.

To be honest, the drive in was miserable. We sat in nearly two hours of traffic, most of it, right before the city, waiting on the other side of the Lincoln tunnel. I felt bad for Chris that I was dragging him into the city again - he had worked the three previous days in Manhattan.

Even though he was tired by the time we got in, Chris still helped make the night enjoyable, by holding clothes that I wanted to try on (and my winter coat), giving me feedback on the things I wanted to buy, and by just being patient with me as a I took my time and enjoyed looking around. That was how Chris was when we were dating and after nearly 5 years of marriage - he’s still so patient and kind!

Has anyone ever surprised you with kindness? Friends, family, strangers? Share your experiences in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you.

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