Christmas Nails at Home

I love having my nails done but it definitely gets expensive! So, I've managed to get pretty good at doing it myself since every year for Christmas Chris always tucks a few Essie nail polishes in my stocking.

But before Christmas this year I wanted to try something a little different. I noticed at my local CVS that Essie came out with a gelcouture line that promises to have a gel like shine - with no uv lamp needed.

The kit was only about $18 - a lot less than a gel manicure at the local salon so I thought I would give it a try.

While it doesn't last as long as a gel manicure (usually 2 weeks), it does last longer than a regular manicure. My favorite thing about the gelcouture line - is the brush itself. It's wider than a typical nail polish brush which helps to cover the nail in less strokes - meaning less room for mistakes. I barely had to touch up my nails after applying.

The gelcouture system is two steps.

Step 1: Nail Color (Gala-vanting)

Step 2: Top Coat

This process took me five minutes - that's it! I always top my nails off with Essie's quick drying drops as well - since I'm a bit impatient to wait for them to dry.

They really do look like a gel manicure and for the price and speed of an at home manicure. It's definitely worth the purchase. It would also make a great stocking stuffer!

I'm excited to try some of their other colors from the gel couture line and am on the hunt for a fun color for New Year's. Have you tried their line yet? What do you guys think?

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