Three Christmas Traditions

The closest I got to celebrating Christmas when I was a kid was watching Home Alone on repeat, marveling at neighbors’ Christmas lights on my way home from school, and getting gifts by mail from relatives who didn’t realize that my family didn’t do Christmas.

When I started going to church at 16, I eagerly awaited the day I would make my own Christmas traditions and memories. So when Chris and I got married, we began a few traditions of our own that have made Christmas extra special every year.

The Christmas Tree

Every year, Chris and I cut down our own tree at a local farm just about 10 minutes from our apartment. While our first two years we got a Blue Spruce, these past few years we’ve picked out a Douglas Fir which is far less prickly! We go every year the first week of December, and enjoy having our tree up all month. Each year our tree looks a little different. I use the same ornaments every year but switch up the trimming. This year I wanted to make my tree look classic and vintage and I bought some gold ribbon from Michaels that I twisted around the tree.

Many of our ornaments have special meaning, the blue ones filled with tinsel are from our wedding five years ago and Chris brought this Santa ornament from his childhood home to put on our Christmas tree. It’s really a cake topper that he used to put on a the tree every year as a little kid and he still puts it in the same spot on our tree every year.

I also love having vintage-esque wrapping paper and I make sure to stock up on it every year after Christmas. Usually I can get large rolls of wrapping paper for $2 a piece at Home Goods on clearance the day after Christmas - so make sure to head out and get wrapping paper after Christmas this year! This year the paper I used was accented with blue, red, and gold which also matched my ornaments.

The Christmas Eve Gift

Each year Chris and I also give each other a special gift on Christmas Eve, something small to celebrate with each other the night before Christmas. It all started when Chris surprised me with a pair of earrings the Christmas Eve before we got married and we’ve kept up the tradition ever since. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas Eve present this year!

The Christmas Eve Slumber

My favorite tradition of all is sleeping in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. We gather all the cozy blankets and pillows in the apartment, set up them up in front of the Christmas tree and enjoy falling asleep in front of the soft glow of the lights. It’s so fun to wake up on Christmas morning in front of the tree and it’s a tradition that makes me feel like a little kid!

This year we’ve started a new tradition of roasting chestnuts and enjoying them in front of the tree. I’ll be sharing my recipe on the blog later this week!

What are some Christmas traditions that you have? Any new traditions you are starting this year?

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