New Adventures in 2017

This past year was year of new adventures! We flew to Florence in August and spent two weeks in Tuscany, eating fresh tagliatelle and drinking locally made Chianti Classico.

Earlier this year, Chris planted his second garden and all summer long we enjoyed fresh swiss chard, eggplants, and ripe tomatoes. I was able to finish another 6 classes in my MBA program and am on track to finish in May this year.

Though we don’t have a European vacation planned for this year, there are still so many new and familiar adventures to be had right here at home. Below are the four adventures I’m diving into this year and will be sharing on the blog throughout 2017!

Adventures in Food

In 2016, I perfected searing fresh salmon on the stovetop, and baking homemade eggplant parmesan with eggplants picked fresh from the garden. Chris and I both love cooking and we’re eager to learn more. One cookbook that we received from a friend for Christmas was The Food Lab that explores the science behind popular American cuisine. Excited to share more about our tricks and tips in the kitchen and the new things we learn in 2017.

Adventures in Scripture

I bought these scripture memory cards from Scarlet and Gold for myself last year and really want to start using them more this year. They fit perfectly into a small napkin holder and I’m keeping them out on our coffee table as a reminder to read and memorize more! They are perfect for memorizing scripture weekly since there is one for every week of the year.

While we had an amazing 2016, there were also some really tough times toward the end of the year, that I really needed to rely on God and His promises. In 2017, I’m looking forward to learning more about the good He has in store for me and in trusting Him when things don’t go my way.

Adventures in Blogging

I began blogging last year in late September. I had wanted to blog for years, but was nervous to write and afraid of what others would think. Going away to Italy the month before gave me perspective that it was important to pursue my desires and to not let blame fear for stopping me. Today is my 30th blog post since then, and I’ve been overwhelmed by the response! Over 750 people have been reading the blog - and I can’t wait to keep growing the blog and getting to know my readers.

Notebook: New Adventures Journal

Planner: Blue Sky (similar)

Adventures in Marriage

This month, Chris and I will celebrate 5 years of marriage and over 11 years of friendship. This past year was one of our best years together, especially with our vacation to Florence, Italy. But it was also one of our hardest years, with some health scares at the end of this year, and as we had to cope with our plans not working out the way we wanted them to. But God has still been good to us, these past five years, and I’m so fortunate to have Chris by my side. We’ve been making an effort to disconnect from the outside world when we’re together: putting phones away at the dinner table and leaving them at home to take a winter walk. This next year we’re eager to spend more time off of our phones and laptops and more time with each other.

Happy New Year! I’d love to hear about the new adventures you are pursuing in 2017!

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