The Cookbook for 2017

Cooking Healthy

One of my new year’s resolutions is to have more adventures in cooking this year! I have so many cookbooks on my bookshelf and instead of finding new recipes, I tend to go back to the same ones week after week. This year that’s changing! At least once a week I am making a point to cook a new recipe and to keep track of the ones we enjoy. I’ve been writing them down in my journal and at the end of the year I’ll have a whole new repertoire of recipes to choose from.

Today I wanted to talk about one cookbook in particular, Lean In 15, by Joe Wicks that’s made it easy for me to stay healthy, but also to create unique meals that both Chris and I enjoy. You may have heard of Joe, The Body Coach, famous for his quick and humorous Instagram videos that showcase his quick and healthy recipes made in minutes.

Last year I was able to do Joe’s Shift, Shape and, Sustain Plan - that really did change my life. It changed the way I eat, feel, and exercise. I lost 20 pounds on the plan and it taught me to eat in a way that fueled my body before and after a workout. I NEVER used to exercise regularly but now I don’t go a week without exercising at least 3-4 times a week.

After I finished the plan, I decided to buy Joe’s cookbook, to keep up with eating healthy and to maintain my progress. I love his cookbook, Lean In 15 because it is split into pre-workout (reduced-carbohydrate) meals and post workout (carbohydrate-refuel) meals. This was part of the Shift, Sustain, Plan that I loved - it taught me what was right for my body and showed me how important it is to incorporate greens into almost every meal! This was no typical diet - the portion sizes per meal recommended were so filling I sometimes couldn’t finish it!

The recipes in this book really do take 15 minutes. They are mostly stovetop meals that are easy to prepare. If you are going to get this cookbook I would recommend getting a digital kitchen scale to follow the portion sizes he recommends. I purchased this one from Amazon and use it all the time. Weighing my food felt foreign to me the first few times I did it - but it’s helpful to realize how much you’re actually putting on your plate.

So if staying fit and eating healthier are part of your new year’s resolutions I hope you will take a look at this cookbook (he has two other cookbooks as well: here and here). It also includes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts in the back. Some of the workouts he included were ones that I did during my time on the 90 days fitness plan. There is even a weekly calendar to use to organize your meal plan and workout schedule. I make my own weekly meal planning calendar based off of this one and this has helped me to stay organized and plan ahead for each of our meals during the week.

Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to hear the recipes or cookbooks that you’re cooking from this year.

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