28 Things I’ve Learned About Myself

I was going to post this at the end of the week, but I am too excited to share this list with you. I’m turning 28 on Friday so today I wanted to share with you the 28 things I’ve learned about myself. So here are some of the things I’ve learned over the past few years and don’t make fun of me for #8!

1. I love working out! I never worked out regularly until the beginning of 2016 when I committed to working out and eating healthy (I ended up losing 20 pounds. Yay!). Now, I make sure to work out 3-4 times a week and am in better shape than I was in college.

2. Holidays are my favorite! I love spending the holidays with family - especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. We weren’t big on celebrating things growing up so now I take every chance I get to celebrate things. 3. Living in a one bedroom apartment isn’t so bad. Chris and I have lived for the past 5 years in a one bedroom apartment and it’s been good for us! It’s helped us to be more mindful of the things that we keep and to toss the things we really don’t need. 4. I hate putting away laundry. I’m the worst at putting away clothes! I’ve gotten better since I changed my dresser with the Marie Kondo method but sometimes my clothes get piled a little TOO high on my dresser. 5. I like framing and matting artwork. Chris and I have picked up a few prints throughout the years that we love from old bookstores and this past year I finally framed and matted them. 6. My phone needs to be turned off more often. I realize I reach for my phone too often. This year I’m committing to not using my phone as much and to not checking email or social media when I’m out with friends or running errands. 7. I love juicing! Chris and I discovered our love for fresh juice in Florence last year and bought a juicer when we returned. You can find two recipes I recreated from our favorite cafe in Florence here and here. 8. I’m going gray! I started finding a few gray hairs in high school, and 10 years later, I’m finding a lot more. I started to cover it up the past few years, but try to stick to a similar dark brown color. If I wasn’t going gray I don’t think I’d even color it! 9. Economics is fun! It’s so amazing to find out how our world works. Last year I read Freakonomics that answers economic riddles and asks ridiculous questions about how our economy works. Even if you have no interest in the economy, I think you’ll love it. I’m now reading the follow-up book - Super Freakonomics. 10. When I drive with other people I get lost EASILY! I used to laugh at my husband for getting lost in familiar places (and I still do) but sometimes when I drive a car full of people I get so distracted by the conversation that I make wrong turns! And often it’s down creepy roads! 11. But… I’m great at driving in the city. If Chris and I ever take a trip into the city, I drive. I I think I like the challenge of getting through narrow streets and avoiding crazy taxi drivers. Like a grown up version of Mario Kart! 12. I love surprising my husband! I love surprising Chris with different outings every year. Last year we went to a production of Shakespeare’s Richard III, a comedy show the year before that, and a Madeleine Peyroux concert in 2013. I have another surprise coming up in March - stay tuned! 13. Flying still freaks me out. I’m a bit scared of flying but in the past five years have flown to Charlotte, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, and Florence. I still get really nervous but I face my fears and get on the plane and then realize it’s not so bad after all. 14. The honeymoon doesn’t have to end. I talked about this more on my wedding post a few weeks back - Chris and I just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and we’re happier than ever (even though we’ve been through some tough times). 15. I can graphic design. I’m no pro - but I’ve taught myself the past few years how to design marketing materials for my job through the Adobe Creative Suite and a few other free resources. It’s so fun to look back at my past designs and see how far I’ve come. 16. Let it go, let it go! Sometimes I need to let things go. I tend to try too hard to change people and their circumstances and get wrapped up in disappointment when they don’t change. I’ve come to realize that it’s not my job to change others - they have to make the choice to change themselves. 17. I’m so competitive. I love playing board games, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, you name it! 18. Vacations are the best. It doesn’t have to be anywhere expensive or fancy but some of the best times I’ve had with Chris are on our annual vacation to Newport, RI - it’s only a few hours away for us, but we love getting away together and we always come back feeling closer to each other. 19. I’m a little obsessed with candles. Since you can’t burn candles in your dorm room - I’ve been a bit obsessed with them since I graduated five years ago - I love DW Home candles and Yankee Candles World Journeys. I usually get them from Home Goods but Amazon has them too! 20. I love Starbucks Lattes - Tall latte, two shots of espresso - I like to keep it simple. 21. But I also love making my own cappuccinos at home. #typicalsaturdaymorning 22. I talk in my sleep! One fun thing about being married is that Chris tells me all the funny things I say in my sleep. He always asks me if I’ll remember what I’m saying, but I usually never do! 23. Community is so important! Chris and I love being a part of a local church and are so thankful for the people who look out for us and pray for us. This past year was a particularly tough one and we know that God put certain people in our paths and the right moments to help carry us through. 24. I love makeup! I never realized I would love makeup but I think it’s so fun to create different looks that you can just take off at the end of the night. I never wore lipstick in college but I now have a fun little collection that I enjoy experimenting with. 25. Sometimes I need alone time. I don’t always love it when Chris goes away on business trips but having that time alone is helpful for me to get things done around the apartment and to have time to myself to read and enjoy the quiet. 26. I love olives! I used to hate them but I guess my tastebuds have changed! 27. It’s okay to be vulnerable. I used to get nervous about opening up to people and even about sharing personal things on the blog, but I’m learning to get past those fears and to be open and honest with others. 28. I’m adult and I love it. I really do! I was talking to Chris that I’m not in my mid-20s anymore and he’s older than me so he just laughed. But it really is fun to be a grown up, have a job that I love, and to have a place of our own to take care of.

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