February Favorites

Today I’m sharing with you the 10 things I’ve been enjoying in the month of February. Everything from Neflix to lipstick! I’d love to hear about some of the thing you’ve been enjoying too - comment below!

  1. Ello 20 oz Water Bottle: I quit buying 24 packs of water bottles about a year ago and have used this water bottle ever since. I love that it’s glass and doesn’t have a funky taste like some plastic water bottles do. I got it at Target for pretty cheap too!

  2. Canva: This online graphic design software has been my lifesaver! I even used it to put together this little graphic for the blog. They have tons of templates for invitations, social media, and infographics and the best part is that it’s free!

  3. The Crown: If you’re a sucker for British TV shows like I am then you’ll love the Crown. The first season is on Netflix - I’m almost done watching it!

  4. Surf’s Up Lavender Mason Jar Candle: Chris got me this candle for my birthday at a local shop in Denville but I discovered they have a shop online. They are all natural Soy candles made right in New Jersey and this one smells amazing. I love anything lavender!

  5. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion: I always used to wonder why my eyeshadow would cake only a few hours into the day and that doesn’t happen anymore. I always make sure to use this primer and it lasts me from morning until night.

  6. Seychelles Violet Riding Boots: These boots have been great this winter. This is the third winter I’ve worn them and I’m sure I’ll have them for many more.

  7. Pottery Barn Clock: I love having a clock on my nightstand that isn’t digital. I like waking up to it - it’s not as obnoxious as my cell phone alarm clock.

  8. Maybelline Inti-matte Nudes Brown Blush: I got this lipstick in my January Bless Box and love that it’s a color that I would never pick out myself.

  9. Sleep - Lavender Vanilla Body Lotion (Bath & Body Works): I recently got this lotion from my sister-in-law for my birthday and I love it. It really does make me feel sleepy!

  10. Aviators - VYE Eyewear: In last month’s bless box I received an amazing pair of aviators from VYE (similar pictured). Check out their line of sunglasses!

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