A Fresh Start

So… we’re moving! But it’s not the move I expected. Chris and I had planned to stay in our apartment until we were ready to buy a house, but when a new neighbor moved in, some issues came up that showed us we needed to move. We had no idea where we would go but thankfully another apartment in the same complex opened up and we’re literally moving across the parking lot!

We’ve been pretty exhausted this week running back and forth between the two apartments dropping off boxes, cleaning up the new place, and painting walls (all while balancing work and school). But it’s almost the end of the week and by Saturday we will be completely moved in, ready to unpack and to find new homes for all of our things.

Even though we didn’t plan on it - I’m so thankful for this fresh start. It’s helped me to get rid of things I really don’t need or care for. It was also a little scary not knowing where we would go - especially when one plan after another to move into a new place fell through. Chris and I were really tempted to just give up and move into a much more expensive place nearby but we didn’t say anything to each other because we didn’t want to be persuasive. And it turns out right after that, God opened a door to a new apartment a two minute walk from our old one.

While it’s just an apartment, we are definitely attached to this place - it’s been five years after all. We’ve had a lot of great times here - hosting friends from college, dinner parties, and Saturday mornings with each other enjoying cappuccino. But we’ve been through some rough times too and I’m excited for a fresh start.

I mentioned a few weeks earlier, how we have so much to look forward to this Spring. Well - now I can add moving into a our new place to the list and I’m can’t to share with you how the new apartment comes together! I even have some DIY projects planned as well that will be coming to the blog this Spring. What are you looking forward to this Spring - any tips for me as I organize the new apartment? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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